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Cases related to domestic violence are critical and should only be handled by expert domestic violence attorneys. That’s when the role of an expert divorce firm like Divorce Lawyer Delhi comes into the mainstream. For victims of Domestic violence, we give specialized legal consultation and ensure fair representation, so that the accused has to pay for all the wrongdoings.

On the other hand, if you are an accused the burden of proof lies on your shoulders in that case we put our best efforts into proving your innocence in the court of justice. Divorce Lawyer Delhi is your one-stop solution for all your Divorce-related needs. No matter how severe the case is or how critical the allegations are we will stand by your side to help you get justice.

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Divorce Lawyer Delhi is the best family violence legal counsel in Delhi who can ensure justice for a domestic violence victim so that the victim’s plea is heard in the right way. We provide much-needed legal and emotional support to the victim when someone decides to fight back and take a stand against domestic abuse.

However, if you are a victim of false allegations, we have you covered with all our expert legal counsel. Domestic violence is undoubtedly one of the most severe accusations a person could face. We understand this can completely affect your personal, professional, and social life for years to come.

In case you are a victim of this nightmare scenario, take note that help is advisable. Seek the help of the right domestic violence attorney at a Divorce Lawyer Delhi to quickly resolve your situation.

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We are a team of the best and most experienced divorce lawyers in Delhi. Our team works hard to protect the client’s dignity, emotional well-being, and trust. We professionally represent your case in court and settle cases on time by offering value-added services.

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Domestic Abuse– A Matter of Constant Concern


Do You Know?
According to BBC, 14.6% of the total recorded 153,052 suicides in 2020 were accounted for by housewives in India.

The face of Domestic Violence is sometimes tough to recognize, but it can manifest in many ways. The list includes;

  • Intimidation
  • Physical abuse
  • Angry phone calls
  • Threatening text messages
  • Emotional abuse
  • Controlling behaviors
  • Forced isolation
  • Economic abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking

Victims in abusive relationships are often manipulated to feel guilty about themselves for not being a good partner. An Abusive Relationship Lawyer can rescue such individuals, showing them a ray of hope and helping them to be free from the toxic cage.

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Domestic Violence Statistics


Considering, the Statistics for Domestic Violence are shocking:-

  1. According to a government survey, 30% of women accepted that persistent domestic violence forces them to consider their suicidal thoughts.
  2. Most of the women are killed by their respective spouses in case they try to leave them or leave the relationship.
  3. The surveys also reveal that 49% of the women are killed within 2 months of their separation.
  4. The other 22% of the killings occur within 2–12 months of separation, and 19% after a year of separation.
  5. Besides this, 39% of homicides are followed by suicides too. This means the separation increases the chances of homicides for women.

Therefore, a Domestic Abuse Lawyer can help such victims to live freely. With this, they can also contribute to the United Nations' target of decreasing such suicides by a third by 2023.

How Does the Domestic Assault Attorney Help?

According to the law, The Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence, 2005 Act, protects against sexual, physical, economic, and emotional abuse to female citizens. It covers all types of violence whether it is committed by the dating partner (maybe former or current), former partner, co-parent, intimate partner, or the intra-family members (such as; in-laws). For instance, if you are a victim of this, the right Spousal Violence Attorney can help you.

Because they have been working in this field for years, they can legally scan the situation and first walk through the options available to you. This will help you file a police report by collecting the possible legal evidence for your accusations and proving your claims.

Also, get a refraining order in case you or your child are in immediate danger. Thus paving a legally functional pathway to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Can a Domestic Violence Victim Demand a Legal Separation From the Accused?


Yes, this is a legally acceptable reason to divorce your partner. With this, the victim can ask for justice for their sufferings and grievances. The violence can include:-

  • Mental and physical trauma
  • Incidents of beating or abuse
  • Harming one’s life, limbs, or well-being
  • Any other form of injuries or consistent torture
  • Acts of threat, like a person trying to make advances of taking life or sexual abuse

The Domestic Violence Act 2005, covers everyone who is facing these issues. Therefore, with sufficient evidence against the accused, it can be considered a ground for divorce.

This is found helpful for women and a few men facing violence in their existing relationships or from the immediate family of a current or former dating partner or intimate partner. One can consider seeking legal advice from a legal domestic violence attorney to file for a divorce.

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With 1400+ clients, a 92% success rate, and 12+ years of experience we are well-equipped with substantial knowledge, resources, and experience to represent all types of family law cases.

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We have been fighting to serve justice for more than twelve years, and with our hard work, we have successfully represented thousands of clients.

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Divorce is indeed one of the toughest phases of a person’s life, and that’s why our legal team provides you the much-needed emotional and legal support during such a critical time.

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We are highly skilled and expert in attempting to punish criminals. We properly present the facts and information related to your case to prevail justice.

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We don’t compromise on quality because we truly understand how important domestic violence and child custody cases are. We bring the best of the divorce advocates to negotiate in court on your behalf.

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We provide a good deal of litigation and deal with laws of custody, dowry prohibition laws, property issues, domestic violence, and many more. We try to make the emotionally draining process of divorce as comfortable as possible.

We are always eager to help you with your legal battle. Our experts with polished skills will efficiently assist you in all the matrimonial issues like guardianship, reconciliation, separation, maintenance, alimony proceedings, etc.

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Freequently Asked Question

Q: How do I book a domestic violence case?

Ans:You need to file a domestic violence complaint after that contact us and we will help you prepare a DIR form and submit it to the magistrate and its copy to in charge of the concerned police station.

Q: How to connect with Divorce Lawyer Delhi?

Ans:We provide you with plenty of options to connect with us. You can use the following mediums to get in touch with us –

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Q: What are the odds of winning a domestic violence case in India?

Domestic violence cases are complicated and they can be more complicated if you are the accused one. No matter what the odds are our lawyers will provide you the best of their resources to help you win your legal battle.

Q: Can a Delhi Divorce Lawyer help me with child custody?

Yes, we hold expertise in matters related to judicial separation and divorce. Our expert family legal violence counsel will help you get your child’s custody or get maximum visitation and guardianship rights.

Q: Who has the burden of proof in domestic violence cases?

The prosecution has the burden of proof in domestic violence cases whether the defendant is guilty or not. If you are facing any false allegations of domestic violence worry not, Divorce Lawyer Delhi will help you state the facts and evidence in front of court to prove your innocence.

Q: Is it possible to find a good divorce lawyer in Delhi for domestic violence cases?

Yes, Divorce Lawyer Delhi is your one-stop solution for all your divorce-related needs. We help our clients in judicial separation and matters related to it. Our legal firm is full of skilled advocates who will represent your case in the best way possible.

Q: How long does a domestic violence case take?

Generally, domestic violence cases take around a year or more but recently the Karnataka High Court has directed magistrates to decide domestic violence applications within the mandated period of 60 days. We put in all our best efforts to make your domestic violence case as quick as possible.