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Things Required for Mutual Consent Divorce.

Divorces are tough and can take a toll on your mental health. The entire divorce process can be overwhelming, doesn’t matter, if you are opting for a mutual consent divorce or having a contested one. Only the best mutual consent divorce lawyer can help you ease the entire divorce process.

  1. Appointing a good divorce lawyer is the first and foremost thing required. Nothing can compete with Divorce Lawyer Delhi services when it comes to mutual consent divorce lawyers in Delhi NCR. Our lawyers will not only represent your case in court but will also provide the necessary guidance for further legal proceedings.
  2. For mutual consent divorce, both the divorce-seeking parties must be living separately for one year or more.
  3. The husband and wife must not be living together and should have mutually consented to dissolve their marriage.
  4. After the grant of the first motion, both parties are required to wait for six months to file a second motion petition for mutual consent divorce.

That’s when the role of a lawyer becomes integral. Our highly skilled divorce lawyers will help you minimize or even skip the six-month waiting period.

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Important Factors to Consider While Divorce


Mutual consent divorce in India takes a lot of time, and the guidance of our lawyers will prepare you for the long run, both mentally and physically. You should consider the following factors while appealing for divorce in the court: -


Alumni or Maintenance

In most mutual consent divorce cases, the issue of alumni or maintenance creates a bottleneck situation. When a partner is not able to meet his/her daily expenses, the other needs to either pay for a one-time settlement or give a monthly maintenance amount. Our lawyers will put in their best efforts to ensure to turn alumni in your favor if you are eligible for it or minimize the amount if you are the one who has to give alumni.


Property or Asset Settlement.

Another important matter to take care of while imparting ways is the property settlement. Our best lawyers will back you in court and out-of-court property settlements and bargain a fair share for you.


Child Custody

We have lawyers with specialization in child custody cases to help you get your child’s custody and secure detailed negotiation of visiting rights.


Pending Litigation

It is mandatory for both parties to settle the pending litigation on paper if there’s any before proceeding for mutual consent divorce. The majority of couples are unaware of this provision but don’t worry, our lawyers will guide you at every step of the divorce proceeding.

Facilities We Provide at Divorce Lawyer Delhi

Expert legal consultation from skilled lawyers is necessary for mutual consent divorce. Our lawyers will facilitate communication between the two parties and represent your case in front of the court. Furthermore, getting the helping hand of our mutual consent divorce lawyer in Delhi NCR will help you reach terms on securing sufficient maintenance.

When it comes to divorce cases, we know it all! Here’s a quick sneak into the facilities available at Divorce Lawyer Delhi!

  • Divorce Petition
  • Separation from the spouse
  • Adoption
  • Contested Divorce
  • Adultery charge petition
  • Counseling
  • Alimony
  • 498A cruelty litigation, and many more
  • Domestic violence

Our expert lawyers are highly professional and skilled in dealing with complicated cases. So it does not matter how deadlock situation is between you and your partner, they’ll find a way out of it. At Divorce Lawyer Delhi we facilitate our clients with the following services.

  • Consultation
  • Legal Opinion
  • Litigation
  • Settlement

A divorce settlement is a long process and can drain your energy and time. When you choose Divorce Lawyer Delhi to fight, we ensure to choose the easiest and quickest way possible. Let’s quickly take a look at how our lawyers can help you apply and settle for a mutually consented divorce.

How to Apply for Mutually Consented Divorce?

Mutual consent divorce is the easiest option to part ways because both the husband and wife are willing to get separated. However, the mutual consent divorce can also be tricky and time-consuming if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the divorce procedure.

To apply for divorce, a married couple is required to opt for the following proceedings: -


File a petition in the family court.

The married couple is required to present a joint petition for dissolution of marriage for a decree of divorce in the family court. The petition must state that they both have not been able to reconcile their differences and live together. Additionally, if they are living separately for a year or more, they can also mention it in their petition to save time.


The first motion for divorce.

Once the petition for divorce is submitted, both parties are required to appear before the family court judge along with their legal counsels. The judge will go through the documents and the contents of the petition presented in the court.

The court may give you some time (six months) in an attempt to reconcile the differences between the spouses. However, if the court finds that there is no possibility for reconciliation, it will proceed further.


Recording of the joint statement on oath.

We have lawyers with specialization in child custody cases to help you get your child’s custody and secure detailed negotiation of visiting rights.


Six months time period (cooling period)

After the first motion, if the parties stick to their divorce decision, they have to appear in court for the second motion. In the final hearing, both parties record their final joint statement before the family court.

After analyzing the contents of the petition, if the court is satisfied with the statements of both parties and finds there’s no scope for reconciliation, it will pass the divorce decree declaring the marriage is dissolved.

The mutual divorce process is straightforward and simple but still, many couples are not able to get their final divorce decree on time due to the unavailability of documents.


Second Motion Hearing and Final Divorce Decree.

After analyzing the contents of the divorce petition, the court may order the recording of a joint statement on oath. The recorded statement will be signed by both parties along with their lawyers and once the joint statement is recorded the first motion will be passed.

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Documents Required for Filing Mutual Divorce Petition.

Before filing a divorce petition, you are required to have the following documents: -

  1. Address proof of both husband and wife (if living separately)
  2. Identity proof of spouse
  3. Two passport-size photographs
  4. Four marriage photographs
  5. Marriage card
  6. Memorandum of understanding
  7. Evidence of staying separately for a year
  8. Marriage certificate (if registered)

Regardless of the mutual consent for breaking the marriage, the divorce proceedings take time. But don’t worry, we got you the best divorce lawyers in Delhi, our lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and contemplate ways to save you time and make the process quick.

How Quick Our Lawyers Can Make Your Mutual Consent Divorce?

Section 13(B) of Hindu Marriage Act 1955, requires two motions to get a divorce decree. After completing one year of living separately, the married couple can file a divorce petition before the family court to seek divorce by mutual consent. In the first motion, the court will analyze the petition, verify their documents, and record a joint statement on oath.

The court will give a six-month cooling-off period to reconcile the dispute. During this period, the couple may again live together as a husband and wife. If the couple still fails to reconcile, the second motion is started. This entire process can take up to a year or two.

So a mutual divorce roughly takes 2.5 years, but our lawyers can turn the tables for you by making your divorce quick. We bring to you the best mutual divorce lawyer in Delhi NCR who can save you time with their tactics and eliminate document organization mistakes.

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With so many lawyers around, it’s really hard to decide whom to consult. Everyone claims to be the best divorce lawyer in Delhi which makes the selection even more difficult. The success rate and experience can help you narrow the list while searching for a mutual divorce lawyer online.

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Freequently Asked Question

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Q: Where to Apply for Divorce?

Ans: A married couple can apply for divorce in the nearest court at the place

  • where marriage has taken place,
  • where they last resided together as husband and wife,
  • where the wife is currently residing at the time of filing the divorce petition.
Q: Is it possible to withdraw mutual divorce?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible to withdraw a mutual divorce petition. Either of the parties can withdraw the mutual divorce petition before the second motion. However, the court may find this as contempt of court and can reprimand the withdrawing party.

Q: Can a wife claim maintenance after a mutual consent divorce?

Yes, a wife who obtains mutual divorce can claim maintenance but only if she is not remarried.