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Having trouble finding the best divorce lawyer in Delhi near me? We are here to provide a one-stop solution for sufferers by taking care of their complex cases in difficult or complicated situations. We are inclined to help the parties to tackle all the issues related to filing the petition, contesting, and handling cases. Furthermore, we are a team of professionals acquiring expertise in varied fields. Our team mitigated your journey to conquer the complexity involved to meet your expectations and serves as the top affordable divorce lawyer in Delhi.

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Attempting counseling therapy results in mutual agreement along matters.

Legal Opinion

Legal Opinion

We suggest legal opinions to file a legal petition & ask the court to permit divorce.



Disagreement results in judicial separation. We litigate and paved the way for sufferers to earn justice.



Fair and unbiased settlements with the assistance of attorneys or a mediator.

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We are leading divorce lawyers in Delhi. Maintaining the position does not remain an easy task for us. A team divorce lawyer in Delhi works for our client's dignity, emotions, and trust in us. We fight along, settle cases on time, and offer value-added services. Below are our areas of practice under a judicial separation or divorce:

Divorce Law

Divorce Petition

Drafting Divorce comes first, and petitions are liable to serve settlements and agreements.

Divorce Settlement

Divorce Settlement

Fair Divorce Settlement is necessary for the satisfaction or dignity of both parties.

Meditation and Counseling

Meditation and Counseling

We undergo ideologies & understand the grounds to practice counseling and medication.

Judicials Separation

Judicial Separation

Judicial Separation originated under law & allows couples to contemplate before the permanent separation.

Domestic Violences

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyers help victims against suffering, thus punishing criminals and establishing justice.

Mutual Consents Divorce

Mutual Consent Divorce

Concerned to gain mutual understanding and acquire knowledge of agreement regarding terms and conditions.



Demand for maintenance is raised by partners without assets and surplus to raise themselves.

Child Custody Lawyer in Delhi

Child Custody

Our unit of lawyers for child custody provides arrangements based on interests of child.

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Seeking an expert, experienced, and competent divorce lawyer in Delhi? The advocates at Divorce Lawyer in Delhi are ready to extend their professional and legal support to you during your complex and sensitive phases. They will help you to go through the legal process to complete it speedily and efficiently and provide you with peace of mind.

Although cases involving child custody turn out as complicated ones, our experts with their polished skills help clients to deal with them. They efficiently assist with matrimonial issues seeking divorce through reconciliations, guardianship, separation, maintenance, alimony proceedings, and many more.

It is due to the unparalleled professional approach to family matters of a Divorce Lawyer in Delhi that helps to achieve excellent results through strategic processes and flawless execution. Besides this, we support speedy justice, especially for children whose interests are unrepresented before the court, as they are worst affected after the divorce. At Divorce Lawyers in Delhi, our experts make sure that the secured strategic legal approach is followed so that the fate of the concerned client is never held at stake.

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Looking for the best divorce lawyer to represent you? Here we are! Our advocates at Divorce Lawyer in Delhi are equipped with substantial knowledge, resources, and experience in representing all types of family law cases that are exclusively associated with divorce and separation. Besides this, we are happy to help you with our advice on all kinds of divorce cases and handling issues like maintenance, child custody, property distribution, alimony, etc.

When a matrimonial dispute arises between the parties, it provokes a good deal of litigation involving civil laws, criminal litigation, the law of custody, dowry prohibition laws, domestic violence, property issues, etc. As divorce is an emotionally and financially draining process, it is necessary that you won’t compromise on it and choose the right one. We do invest ourselves in the case and battle for you to achieve the happiness and justice you deserve!

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Frequently Asked Questions....?

Few things need to keep in mind during the divorce period and should be avoided at the same time are:

  1. Let the attorney do their job, and don’t ever try to take matters into your own hands.
  2. Refrain from trying to go against court rulings, the actions might backfire sometimes.
  3. Don’t let your kids know about what's happening, and try not to reveal your kids to your hatred.
  4. Try to keep yourself as calm as possible and maintain patience or peace while fighting for divorce.
  5. Never try to jump into a new relationship during the divorce period.

It usually depends on the ideological states of both parties. If the Divorce is filed with the mutual consent of the couple. Then it will take approximately 6 months or less. But if the divorce is not happening by mutual consent, then the proceedings may be time-consuming.

The couple needs to appear twice in case of mutual consent divorce, but if the case involves complexity, then the visiting of the couple depends on the court.

Yes, Divorce Lawyers may represent both parties at the same time in case of mutual consent Divorce, but if the Divorce is Contested, then the lawyers are expected to represent only one party at a time.